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How does Bayer market its products in Iraq?

We have our National distributor in IRAQ (Scientific Health & Agriculture Development Co. / SHADCO)

How do I ensure that the MRL (Maximum residue Limit) in a harvested crop is not exceeded after I apply a crop protection product?

Principally, the way to avoid any such problems is to closely follow the label. Especially you must not exceed the maximum registered dose and you must not harvest the produce until the minimum pre-harvest interval has been exceeded.

How do I find out what protective clothing is required for me to spray safely?

Read the label carefully; all the safety information is printed on it.

I have relatives in Europe and they tell me that in Europe there is a product called MOVENTO that is really good for controlling scales and mealybugs in citrus and grapes. Why can’t I buy it in IRAQ?

Movento is in the Registration process in IRAQ and we are trying to bring this excellent product to the Iraqi market as soon as we can.

In my local retail shop there are two different looking bottles of FOLICUR. One must be a fake?

Although we are aware that fake product is a problem sometimes in IRAQ, in this case it is probably not a problem. Recently Bayer launched a distinctive new bottle type in the Iraqi market, for liquid crop protection products, called “Smartline ®” It may be that your retailer still has some remaining stocks of the old bottle design. Take a very careful look at the bottles, usually counterfeiters get things wrong.

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